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Explore the endless possibilities with Xaber, the uber clone app solution. The white-label app is developed with high-end features with an intuitive interface that can have you compete with the big leagues in no time.

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Xaber Uber Clone App

Ride-hailing Uber Clone App to Elevate your Business

Taxi services are a necessity today and are a booming business. The online taxi business is being taken over by the uber clone app, a ready-made solution for domestic taxi businesses. The uber clone script can be fully customized to meet every business and its customers. With this aggregate solution, you can hail ride, carpool, manage fleets, and more.

Xaber is an uber clone app by Megbing, that develops an advanced package that best suits your business needs. Our expert team will understand your requirements and deliver the solution in no time. The uber clone can be tailored to reflect your business including your brand name, logo, regional language, and local currency. Its User-friendly interface makes taxi booking seamless, instantly driving ROI.

Uber clone app is iOS and Android compatible. As a white-label app, they can be easily downloaded from Android Play Store and iOS AppStore. The instantly accessible app can be used by customers and drivers without any hassle. Join the Xaber community today!

What is an Uber Clone App?

Uber clone app is a user-friendly app used by customers to book a taxi within seconds. This offers convenience and quality in every step of the booking process.

Xaber’s premium features and add-ons enable taxi businesses to extend their services to wider demographics at a very affordable cost.

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Benefits of our Xaber Uber Clone App

Painless Registration

Users can onboard the app effortlessly using multiple Login options. New users can use phone numbers, other social media accounts, and email IDs to log in to Xaber securely and instantly using multi-factor authorizations like OTP.

Book a Ride

Riders can explore their options in the uber clone app by Xaber and book a ride with just a few clicks. Its user-friendly interface ensures fast booking and instant alerts to the driver app as well.


In case of emergency situations, Xaber users can send alert notifications to emergency contact numbers which they can add to their profile and also share their locations and whereabouts quickly and easily.

Google Navigation

Seamlessly integrating the Xaber rider and driver apps to google maps, can improve the quality and experience of riders and the drivers. Google maps indicate faster and accurate routes for every ride.

Twilio SMS Gateway

The Twilio SMS gateway used by Xaber enables admins to verify driver and user mobile numbers during the sign-up process. This secure portal can be used to send SMS for all purposes.

Multiple Languages

This highly customizable Uber clone app can detect automatically or manually and use the regional language of users globally on both app and web portals.

Chat Options

Users particular about their safety can chat with their designated drivers in separate chat rooms to communicate without exchanging their phone numbers.

Surge/Peak Time Pricing

During peak hours or extreme conditions, the ride charges can be surged by admins to reasonable prices that benefit the rider, driver, and the business itself. The price surge can be scheduled in advance too.

Multiple Currencies

The ultimate goal of the uber clone app is to have users worldwide. Xaber offers multi-currency options to enable users globally to make use of this modern technology and expand their businesses.

Automatic Fare Estimation

Riders can pick their convenient mode of transportation from the vehicle list by checking their estimated fare after entering the “from” and “to” locations.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Riders can be very particular about their time. Displaying their ETA helps them plan ahead and schedule rides if necessary. This ensures a pleasant customer experience and offers convenience to all riders.

Ratings & Reviews

Rating riders and drivers are essential to ensure a pleasant experience on both ends. Reviews and ratings cultivate trust among new users and guarantee positive on-boardings.

Promo Code

New users can feel warm when welcomed with a promo code. Admin consoles can create and launch promo codes on their xaber uber clone apps. Promo codes and gift codes can be used to deduct percent amounts from the final ride value.

Multiple Payment

Multiple payment modes like PayPal, wallet, cash, etc can be implemented on Xaber to ensure comfortable CX.

Live Tracking

Xaber has integrated live tracking features on both driver and rider apps. The driver can effortlessly find their way to the pickup and drop locations while riders can see driver’s locations at all times.

Instant Notifications

Firebase API by Google is used by Xaber Uber clone apps to send notifications to drivers and riders on every update in their activity and status. Notifications are instant and continual.

Fleet Management

Exclusive panels by Xaber helps to track, monitor, and manage the entire vehicle fleets of taxi businesses including ride payment statuses.

Heat Map

Xaber lets taxi businesses in on peak areas and hours with heat maps feature to predict and estimate pricing surges for the rides.

Manual Booking

Although the app is user-friendly, Rider can manually book rides by calling the Xaber app and provide information of their requirements and schedule their rides. This helps to draw in audiences from wider segments and makes booking easy for everyone to avail taxi services for all.

Multi-Vehicle Option

Taxi businesses can add diverse vehicle types like cars, bikes, vans, or ambulances to their catalogs on the Xaber uber clone app and drive revenue.

Vehicle Management

The drivers can add multiple vehicles under the registered account and possibly avail diverse requests from riders with different preferences for more bucks.

Dynamic Document

The Documents for verifying driver details and vehicle information can be easily uploaded on the driver app and make onboarding processes quick.

Ride Sharing

The Ridesharing feature lets multiple riders who share the routes to destinations can share a ride. Based on the vehicle capacity, verified riders can book maximum of 2 seats to share their ride.

Add Vehicle Details

The drivers can add the registered vehicle details like make and model, year, color, vehicle registration plates, and other details to the vehicle catalog on the app easily.

Gender-Based Preference ride

As a security measure for female riders, Xaber uber clone app gives women riders the option to choose women drivers to feel safer and comfortable during the ride.

Handicap-Seat Accessibility

Riders can filter their rides preferences based on the vehicle’s features and facilities. Handicap-friendly vehicles can be filtered out on the Xaber app easily.

Child Seat Accessibility

Xaber app allows riders easily to filter vehicle preferences out like child seat availability on vehicles for the safety of children during the entire ride.

Covid Safety Features

This pandemic has imposed uncertainties everywhere. To ensure hygienic and safe conditions for riders and drivers, notifications regarding asymptomatic signs of infection are sent out as a precaution.

What does Xaber help you accomplish?

Discover some features of our Uber Clone App

Uber clone app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can book rides almost instantly with Xaber.

Drivers can choose to decline or accept rides and utilize the endless possibilities from their end.

Get hold of your taxi fleets, cabs, and drivers all under one simple solution.

Get a 360 view of your operations and numbers for enhancements and optimizations.

What makes Uber Clone Script Solution Special?

Megbing understands what an uber clone app needs to excel in the fast-paced competitive market. Xaber is a comprehensive solution built based on mission-critical data reflecting on high-end features needed for a taxi booking application.

Make Calls
Drivers can easily contact their riders from the app.
Monitor your Earnings
Keep an eye on your rewards and points.
Language Preference
The driver can choose their convenient language for instructions on the app.
Toggle Driver Availability
The drivers can select their convenient work hours on the app.
Live Navigation
Seamless integration with Google Navigation
Instant Rides
Earn more bucks by taking more rides and customers
Easy Navigation: Street View
Google Street View mode gives a detailed view of the driver’s routes, the best User Interface for the Uber clone app.
Cancelling Power
If drivers are unavailable, they can cancel rides on their app.
Effortless Login
Users can log in and register using a number of options.
Feedback Systems
Both drivers and riders can rate their experiences.
Change/Cancel Booking
Allow the rider to change their ride status from book rides to cancel rides easily.
Live Geo-Tracking
Real-time tracking of nearby drivers.
Fare Estimate
The estimated ride value is displayed by entering the ride details.
Vehicle types
Riders can pick their preferred choice of vehicles from the app.
Save Favourites
Users can mark drivers as favorites to book more rides with them in the future.
Online Payment
Users can securely make online transactions on the app.
Promo codes
Send promo codes and referral codes to customers using app notifications.
Surge Pricing
Surge prices are based on demand and extreme conditions.
Profit Tracking Report
Calculate your daily earnings and profits from commissions as an admin to make optimizations to your business.
Wallet System
Users can add their money to the wallet on the Xaber app
Cross Platform accessebility
The Xaber app and websites are synced.
God's Eye View
You can track locations based on findings from the heat map as an admin.
Adding of bank Account
Admin can easily make transactions to driver’s bank accounts from the Xaber uber clone app
Fare Management
Fare prices for rides and vehicles can be controlled by the admin.
Advanced ride management
The dispatcher can monitor and manage riders to incoming bookings from users and track them accordingly
Assign Drivers
Dispatchers can assign drivers closest to request locations and ensure a quick and easy taxi booking process for users.
Real time fleet tracking
The built-in GPS feature allows dispatchers to gain visibility of the entire fleet and their live locations.
Manual Booking
A Dispatcher can manually manage bookings when required. This involves updating an auto-assigned driver as well
Monitor Trip History
The track history of riders and drivers can be accessed and managed by the dispatcher and their upcoming trips.
Dispatchers can gain insights on reviews on riders and drivers and take measures to enhance the overall services of the business.

A Quick Walkthrough the Xaber App


The rider registers on the uber clone app using personal information
Enter Location
They enter pick-up and drop locations for fare estimates and vehicle preferences.
Select a car
They choose the preferred vehicle from the catalog.
Track the ride
After the ride is booked, the rider can track the live locations of the driver.
Trip Started
The trip starts once the driver has picked up the rider.
Pay for the Ride
The driver can pay for the trip using multiple payment mode options like PayPal, wallet, or cash based on the fare estimate.
Rating and Reviews
The rider can rate and review their ride experience


When ready to take rides, the driver logs into their Xaber uber clone app accounts.
Trip request to admin
The driver submits required documents to the admin for verification and begins to take rides.
Availability Status
They will start receiving ride requests once they change their status to available mode.
Accept rides
The driver accepts ride requests and starts the trip after picking up the rider.
Once the ride is complete, the driver will either receive payment through the gateway or in cash in case of COD.
Rating and Reviews
The driver can rate their ride experience
The driver’s commission is transferred by the admin via the app.

Other Add-Ons and Safety Features

Restricted Passengers limit
Restricted Passengers limit
Adhering to government regulations, only two passengers are allowed to onboard a ride. More than two passengers will not be allowed to ensure the safety and hygiene of riders and the driver.
Face Mask Verifications
Face Mask Verifications
Before going online to take rides, drivers must upload selfies of themselves wearing a face mask as a precaution. Real-time ID Check is integrated with the Xaber uber clone app to ensure drivers wear masks even before accepting fares.
Safety Checklist
Safety Checklist
Drivers must use a checklist to confirm adherence to safety measures like wearing a face mask, sanitizing hands, temperature checks, and more before accepting or requesting a taxi ride from users.
Smart Selfie Technology
Smart Selfie Technology
The Real-Time Id Check uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect and match driver selfies with their respective profiles before accepting rides or going online. The app business investigation is commenced if the driver has not met these regulations and can only take rides after completing the investigation.
Ride Cancellations
Ride Cancellations
In case of negligence or non-compliance with safety protocol, the driver or rider can cancel the ride if either party feels unsafe to proceed with the booking. Both parties must ensure wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and other items, etc. at all times.
Ratings and Reviews Safety
Ratings and Reviews Safety
Drivers and Riders can rate and review their experiences on the Uber clone app and give feedbacks on adherence to safety protocols and implementations. It helps to ensure safe, quality services to customers and guarantees compliance with government safety guidelines.

Xaber’s Unique Premium Features

Why does Xaber make the Spotlight?

Filter preferences
Filter preferences
The preference filter features on the Xaber uber clone app enables riders to choose their preferences for the rides like male, child, or pets settings. This helps business serve their customers better and enhances overall CX and drives ROI.
Car Rental
Car Rental
Xaber uber clone script lets riders rent cars using the application. This enhanced taxi booking services globally. Riders can rent cars for an entire day and travel to multiple locations at any time without having to book multiple trips on the app.
Earn Bonus Points
Earn Bonus Points
Drivers can now earn more with the heat map feature displayed on their screens. Admin can mark specific regions over driver’s maps and highlight them to indicate areas with price surges manually. That way drivers can earn more by taking rides in those areas.
Referral Campaign
Referral Campaign
Users can share referral codes with their friends from the Uber clone script to social media platforms and earn rewards at the same time when friends log in using their referral codes.
Multiple Surge Pricing
Multiple Surge Pricing
The admin console is equipped with critical features that allow surgeon prices during specific hours and locations like peak hours and extreme conditions and choose the vehicle to apply the price surges. Drivers can earn more and drive ROI for the business.
Call Masking
Call Masking
Call masking allows users to protect their personal information. Users can successfully make calls from the uber clone app without revealing sensitive details of both parties. This ensures the safety and privacy of the driver and rider.
In-App Chat
In-App Chat
The driver and riders can securely use the in-app chat feature to converse without having to exchange contact information. Both parties can interact with each other in separate chat rooms enhancing user experience.
Fixed Pricing
Fixed Pricing
Admin can control and fix the fare prices that users must pay. The estimated ride fare is fixed using the admin console xaber app based on the distance and time traveled. Admin can also fix prices for users traveling to different cities and manage the amounts efficiently.
The SOS feature on the xaber uber clone app enables users to contact their emergency contacts saved in their profile instantly and even share their locations. This comes in handy in unfortunate situations and gets help easily and faster.

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Admin Demo Details

Xaber Rider app is available in Web, iOS and Android platforms.
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Rider Demo Details

Xaber Rider app is available in Web, iOS and Android platforms.
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Driver Demo Details

Xaber Driver app is available in both iOS and Android platforms.
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Company Login Details

Xaber Rider app is available in Web, iOS and Android platforms.
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Complimentary Features

Exclusive Xaber Features that drive Revenue

Secured with Stripe
We prioritize User interface and user experience. Xaber has integrated multiple payment gateways solutions for users on the app, for guaranteed secure transactions. Stripe is used as our default payment gateway for our in-app solutions for a smooth and reliable online transaction through the app. We offer seamless integrations for our clients to achieve a flawless user experience that gains the trust of your customers.
Customized Logo & App Color Change
Xaber uber clone script is highly customizable to reflect clients’ business and values. The app speaks loud with colors and aesthetics that well define your brand’s identity with little to no extra costs. There are also themes and color palettes that clients can choose based on their business characteristics.
Language Change
Xaber strives to help you expand your business to multiple regions and cater to users from multiple regions. Our uber clone app can be integrated with multiple languages that are the best suited for your region. This allows you to pick any language of your preference t use the app with a seamless user interface and draw audiences from various backgrounds who can comfortably use the app in their regional and preferred language. Explore the endless language options offered by the Xaber uber clone script and establish your brand identity with your target segment with zero barriers.
Auto Currency Conversions
We do not believe in limitations. Xaber uber clone script can be designed to integrate local currencies and cater to endless possibilities for your business. This dynamic feature allows you to handle multi-country currencies without having to enter exchange rates manually. The app handles currency conversions automatically by simply choosing the currency preferences. For instance, INR to dollar values is instantly converted based on the current dollar value in real-time. This helps you cater to customers worldwide and elevate your taxi booking services worldwide.

Endless Posibilities

Multi-Country and City Fare Estimations for a Global Domination

Multi Country Support

Xaber uber clone script offers several possibilities for clients with businesses in multiple countries or looking to expand in the future. The admin consoles are built and customized exclusively for your business needs and implements attributes like country code, currency, sign, bonus or user credits and promo codes, referral codes, and other exciting features to elevate your business worldwide. Aim higher with Xaber uber clone taxi app to bring out the best in your business.

Multi-City Accessibility

Managing a taxi-hailing business in multiple cities, tracking transactions and monitoring operations can be a challenge for any business administrator. Xaber uber clone app script can instantly make business operations for various cities by remaining in just one, effortless, and hassle-free. Administrators can simply add the business details like the name of the city, services offered and the types of vehicles, etc., and other documentations and start their work. Admin can also enable and disable operations in any city using the admin console.

Same City Multi-Fare Charge

While running a business, it is essential to keep an eye on every aspect of the business including customer experience while driving revenue. Administrators can choose to fix multiple fares based on the locations within the same city. Factors like traffic and demand can be taken into account to estimate fares. Charges per KM or miles and vehicle charges will automatically apply to the fixed fare price. This ensures a good ROI for the business.

Paid Addons by Xaber

Xaber uber clone script can engineer cool plug-ins that you can avail them at affordable prices. The app developers can seamlessly integrate them into your aesthetic-rich taxi booking solution to help your stay competitive in the market.

Advertisement Banners
Advertisement Banners
The app allies you to showcase advertisements from companies of your interest to earn money passively and continually
Booking in KiOSK
Booking in KiOSK
Attract customers from strategic locations and spots by installing KiOSK stand with a tablet and internet connectivity. These setups can increase the number of trips by the attracted prospective and quality leads.
Custom Admin Controls
Custom Admin Controls
Set predefined rules and access codes to admin users and other customizable options to enable admins to perform swiftly and efficiently.
Corporate Rides
Corporate Rides
Corporate riders can switch to business mode and take business trips with your business using the Xaber uber clone app. The company is registered on the app, approves trips, and pays for the same while the corporate riders take trips on behalf of the company. This makes businesses easier and drives your ROI.
Block Illegitimate Users
Block Illegitimate Users
As a thriving business, you cannot spend time on miscreants. The admin can monitor all activities on the app and the application. The admin can block or restrict accounts like fake IDs, unauthorized users from organizations, or fraudulent users to ensure the sanity of your employees and uninterrupted business processes.
Real-time Currency Updates
Real-time Currency Updates
Currencies and their values are automatically updated based on the exchange rates. Admin does not have to manually ender the exchange rate in the app. The automatic feature lets you focus on more important operations of your business.
Front Desk Booking for Tourists / Hotels / Offices
Front Desk Booking for Tourists / Hotels / Offices
The Xaber uber clone app has a user-friendly and convenient feature that allows travelers to book their rides using hotel front desks. It pays huge benefits to the affiliated hotels and the services providers with commissions and helps your prospect book rides easily without accessing a phone or computer.
Trips tracking by Family/Friends
Trips tracking by Family/Friends
The Uber clone script has an integrated feature that allows users to let someone know about their trip details using their rider app. This feature allows them to share ride details and keep their loved ones safe with live-tracking options as well.
'Book for Others' Feature
'Book for Others' Feature
Users can book rides for their family and friends using the “book for other” features from their rider apps. All that users need to do is enter their name and contact details and other details for the ride. This feature comes in very handy for users to make chivalry gestures easily and instantly

Drive Insane Revenue with Automation

Increase the number of bookings for your business by enabling the time-saving automation mode. This instantly increases ROI and business efficiency in a few clicks.

Onboarding has never been simpler
Save time on documentation and onboarding formalities and processes. The uber clone app user interface allows you to swiftly walk through the onboarding steps and eliminates challenges to ensure a smooth and fast user experience.
Enhance Business with Analytics and Reporting Tools
Monitoring and tracking business performance and KPIs can allow optimizations and timely enhancement of business processes and operations to increase ROI. Use the analytics and reporting tools by Xaber uber clone app to gain insights and the stats of your business
Automated Driver Payment System
Eliminate errors with automated driver billing feature. Driver balance, incentives, penalties, and taxes are calculated by the system and settles the driver’s commission payment to the admin easily and quickly. Driver commissions can be collected after every ride.
Govern High Demand At Peak Hours
Eliminate challenges that pertaining to high demand at peak hours without missing out on ride requests or abandoning customers using the automated ride-hailing system.
Automated Dispatch System
As soon as you get a ride request, automatically dispatch cabs to the location. The automatic dispatch system ensures smooth and fast operations. This unique feature ensures positives experiences for your customer and simplifies your business operations.
Beautiful application screens

This is how our Uber Clone Apps can look for you

Our modern design and intuitive interface are simple and convenient to use.

Xaber's Algorithm

It alerts the closest x drivers for the ride.
``X`` Nearest Drivers Algorithms
``X`` Nearest Drivers Algorithms
The number of drivers to be alerted near the request location can be fixed by the admin.

For Instance if the admin fixes x=5, 5 drivers near the request location are alerted to tend to the user.

Xaber Apps are Supported by the Top Technology

Technology (MEAN)

Xaber uses best-in-class technology to build uber clone apps for our clients. Businesses can experience MEAN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack technology revolutionize and elevate their operations and customer experience. Manage and execute your services quickly and seamlessly with Xaber’s cutting-edge solutions.

Switch between client and server with MEAN Stack’s isomorphic coding.
Angular JS

Sonar Cube (Source Code Quality Check)

The back-end standard for apps entirely reflects on the user interface. Using Sonarqube, the source can be analyzed and reported on coding quality and strength. The standards and grade metrics of the code can also be found and verified. It can also identify vulnerable spots and fix them to maintain overall app health and performance.

We ensure that our Score quality is inspected with Sonarqube and maintained
Bugs & Vulnerabilities score: Grade A with 0 bugs and Vulnerabilities
Code Smells: Grade A with 0 debt and 0 Code Smells
Duplication’s: Only 5.7 with 47 Duplication Blocks
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